Lab News

Congratulations to Sara Meurling, an RA in our lab, who won a PhD position to work on frog ecology with Anssii Laurila and Jacob Höglund at our department!

This week we had four new members joining our lab as ERC-funded RAs: Anna Vourlou, Maja Ericsson, Tuuli Larva and Johan Andersson will be joining us for at least a year to work on a series of different projects. Anna and Maja will be working in the fly lab, continuing the work by Felix Zajitschek (now postdoc at GWU in Washington) and Grigorios Georgolopoulous (who is finishing his MSc thesis and leaving to US in the end of April) on the evolution of lifespan extension by dietary restriction. Tuuli and Johan will be working in the nematode lab on mutation accumulation and ageing.