ESEB 2019 in Turku

There were two ‘ageing’ symposia + a life-history symposium + a non-genetic effects symposium at ESEB 2019 – a lot of interesting and relevant talks.

Laura Travers presented a poster on the effect of autophagy on survival and fitness under dietary restriction, testing recent evolutionary theory of DR.

Laura_ ESEB_poster

Here is the link to a session at Life-History symposium where I gave an invited talk on the role of non-energy-based trade-offs in ageing, highlighting the possibility that age-specificity of gene expression is not sufficiently optimised in adulthood and contributes to ageing. This presentation was followed by Irja Ratikainen’s invited talk who used C. remanei nematodes to test some of her models of the evolution of lifespan in variable environments in collaboration with Martin Lind’s lab in Uppsala and our lab. Finally, Ed Ivimey-Cook talked about our dietary restriction experiment in C. elegans that spans several generations later in the same session:

Next day, Liz Duxbury talked about the preliminary results of her mutation accumulation experiment testing how down-regulation of daf-2 expression in adulthood affects mutation rates: